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Producer of minimalistic cosmetics - Reha cosmetics s. r. o.

The REHAVIT rehabilitation cosmetics company is REHA Cosmetics s.r.o., while manufacturing processes are maintained according to old recipes and are manufactured under manufactory conditions. REHA Cosmetics s.r.o. very closely cooperates with the Institute of Preventive Rehabilitation (IPREA s.r.o. non-state healthcare facility) in the field of new cosmetics development and furthermore in applications of this cosmetics in the framework of rehabilitation regeneration therapies. IPREA s.r.o. is a non-state medical institution focusing on rehabilitation, regeneration, prevention, neurology, orthopedics, physical and rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy.

The institute's programs are prepared for those who suffer from the current "civilization problems" or live and work under conditions that will sooner or later bring those problems. Among the so-called "civilization problems", for example, back pain, head, joints, muscles, tendons, depression, fatigue, etc. Within this institute, individual products of rehabilitation cosmetics have been applied since 2002 and studies are being carried out to the course of some therapies. Several combinations, as well as IPREA preventive rehabilitation care, have been applied to about 200,000 people since 2002. Within the framework of the cooperation between REHA Cosmetics s.r.o. and IPREA s.r.o. studies are being carried out to show the cause and nature of the pathological changes that occur in the locomotor system, how these can be prevented, how important a prevention site is, and how REHAVIT balsams work in combination with some therapies that are used in rehabilitation. It shows that the application of REHAVIT balsams has a very positive effect, for example, in the rehabilitation of tennis elbows in combination with shock wave, vertebrogenic problems combined with magnetotherapy, muscle and joint pains combined with vacuolectotherapy, various forms of massage, lymphatic massage, both hand and instrumental etc.

These years of experience have shown the positive effect of REHAVIT balsam in rehabilitation and that these products have one great advantage: they can be used for cosmetic purposes, for sport and afterwards, but also for prevention, regeneration, relaxation and rehabilitation, they can be said to have a wide range of uses.

Výroba balzámů Rehavit a Emvit v manufakturní výrocbně ve Slaném.  
Manufakturní výroba balzámů Rehavit a Emvit - Rehacosmetics