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About CleanCosmetics

CleanCosmetics - rehabilitační a sportovní kosmetika

The basis for these products was a very old recipe obtained from very old herbariums. These products were manufactured and applied in the 80s of the last century in sports, massages and regeneration. Initial production took place under very primitive conditions. After 1989, these products were very successfully applied in Switzerland and Germany, and they quickly became popular because they brought significant relief to those interested in applying them.

They also became popular with women as cosmetics because they were comparable to products sold in specialized stores. Thanks to the optimum fat content, herbal ingredients are very well absorbed into the skin under the skin to create a pleasant filter and grease. They are well spreadable and can be used not only for various types of massages, but also as cosmetics and skin preparations, as well as painkillers and various difficulties in the muscles, joints, etc. We have begun to call a number of these REHAVIT / EMVIT products. These products are distributed under the name of CleanCosmetics.

  • Recipes and production of our products are very positively correlated with the experience and knowledge of clinical practice. Balms are continuously applied and tested in healthcare facilities, primarily IPREA s.r.o., a non-state medical institution focusing on neurology, orthopedics, rehabilitation medicine and physiotherapy.
  • Our REHAVIT and EMVIT balsams are based purely on a natural recipe. They are gentle on the skin and the environment. The balms have an optimal ratio of substances and therefore are well absorbed, creating a pleasant filter and grease on the skin.
  • REHAVIT has been applied in a variety of combinations, as well as individually, as part of preventive rehabilitation care, for as many as 200,000 people since 1999. These years of experience have shown that these products have one great advantage and multiplicity - that it can be used for cosmetic purposes, for sports and after, but also for prevention, regeneration, relaxation and rehabilitation. It can be said that they have a wide range of uses. In the years 2015-2016, studies were conducted by IPREA, focusing on the use of REHAVIT rehabilitation cosmetics in rehabilitation, in combination with some rehabilitation therapies. The study was titled: "Impact of Regular Rehabilitation Care Using REHAVIT / EMVIT Balsam on Locomotor Problems.“.

As it all began or the beginnings of CleanCosmetics.

... by Dr. Luboš Hájíček 

In 1980, I inherited a cottage after my grandmother, in a small village under Ripe. During the reconstruction, I found a very old herbarium with her grandmother's recipe and recipe notes on the grounds of the house, including balsa instructions. At a younger age, when my grandmother was preparing my balsam, I did not care much about it, and I had to start from peaks. According to these recipes, I started to mix balsams and emulsions with my friend in the cellar and used them in teaching masseurs and rehabilitation workers in the course of massage classes.

These products have gained a great popularity and became a major concern among athletes and healthcare institutions. After the revolution, I worked on developing these recipes for several years in Switzerland and Germany in rehabilitation and relaxation facilities. As a part of my practice, I started to apply these products, which I made in an improvised manufactory, and these balsams have become popular and have become a great demand for them. However, as these countries have not been certified, it has not been possible to sell them and thereby satisfy the general public through sales and distribution channels.

This was the reason for the certification of balsams in the Czech Republic, where the price of atests is significantly lower. The products were certified in 2001 and hence are applied in rehabilitation facilities within clinical practice. Recipes are gradually adapted in line with experience from clinical practice and the requirements that come from the EU. Since 2001, to date, they have been applied to approximately 200,000 patients in the context of rehabilitation therapies focused on locomotor problems. In the years 2011-2014, a 4-year study was conducted, the subject of which was "The Effect of Regular Rehabilitation Care Using Balzame EMVIT - REHAVIT on Problems In the Field of the Locomotor System"

The very significant increase in patients with back pain (cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine), upper and lower limb pains and a host of other symptoms currently classifiable under the notion of civilization illness motivated to begin monitoring the effect of regular preventive rehabilitation - regeneration therapies on to alleviate the course of these illnesses. An integral part of this research was the application of REHAVIT rehabilitation cosmetics in combination with some therapies.