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Our interest in minimalist care is also based on the real situation when more and more people suffer from sensitive skin where many of the substances contained in conventional cosmetic products cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, we prefer "clean cosmetics" to prevent similar problems.

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A balm with lavender extracts. It acts as a premature ageing protector and relieves the body of free radicals It has recovering,restorative and softening effects after intensive solar radiation and makes the skin more supple which slows down the formation of wrinkles. The balm can be used not only for local but also for general treatment.


It acts as a premature ageing protector It does not leave hands greasy and is well-absorbed. It can be used thoughout the day according to necessity.

Od CZK220.00

A daily skin cream with almond tree oil favourably acts on skin. 


A mildly warmth gratifying balm with cinnamon essential oil. We recommend to use it as cellulitis prevention, before body strain and sports. 


A warmth gratifying balm for feet with therapeutic eff ects relieving tension, suitable for poor blood circulation of feet and soles, also softening horny skin.

Od CZK295.00

A neutral herbal balm with lemon balm oil with therapeutic and softening effects This balm can be used not only for local but also for general treatment It keeps the skin fresh and youthful, acts as a premature ageing protector This balm can be also used after tanning.


This massage balm has great influence on blood supply and warmth gratifying effects It helps to eliminate toxic substances in the tissues, therefore it relieves them and speeds up their recovering.


This balm creates a pleasant warm feeling that relieves muscle tension, reduces fatigue and increases muscular action We recommend to use it before sports or body strain, during one-sided repetitive body strain, eg. driving a car or during sedentary jobs. It substantially eases off urgent pains of the dorsum, muscles, tendines and joints It protects chilling through and muscle damage.


This mild cooling, relaxing and regenerating massage balm is very well absorbed and smells pleasant.


A therapeutic cooling balm with eucalyptus, pine tree and camphor laurel oil We recommend to use it after intensified body strain (physical activities) It should be mainly used on the muscles and joints via massages During excessive body strain we recommend to use it several times during a day.


A herbal balm with cinnamon essential oil acts as high cellulitis prevention. It leaves a pleasant warmth gratifying and relaxing feeling. It should be mainly used during a single massage of the affected parts by gyration and before fitness exercises (do not use after bathing). The effects may be increased during sports and movement. It subdues off ensive BO connected with sever sweating. It makes skin more supple and keeps the skin fresh and youthful.

Od CZK235.00

A balm with a mixture of rosemary and shilajit. It helps to increase skin elasticity with anti-wrinkle properties, keeps the skin fresh and youthful. The balm can be used after a solarium and tanning.