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Welcome to the cleancosmetics website

Czech production of balsams EMVIT and REHAVIT, which were made by REHA Cosmetics s.r.o.. They are skin and environmental friendly. Balms are tested and developed in cooperation with the non-governmental rehabilitation center IPREA. Their effects are multifunctional, they are used in various rehabilitation therapies as well as in sports activities or as cosmetic and skin preparations. Try it yourself!

Products CleanCosmetics - Rehavit

Czech production of creams and balsams EMVIT and REHAVIT.

The basis of production is more than 100 years old recipe and practice, which was gradually adjusted to the best results.

CleanCosmetics about us

CleanCosmetics - We are engaged in the production of "pure cosmetics". We place particular emphasis on the quality of our creams, which are developed and tested in cooperation with the renowned IPREA Rehabilitation Center. Try our purely Czech product.

 The recepture of CleanCosmetics

Our formula emphasizes the so-called "pure creams", trying to reduce artificial substances that burden and irritate the skin. REHAVIT and EMVIT herbal balms do not contain any excess ingredients and therefore have better results. They are skin and environmental friendly.

Curing effects of CleanCosmetics

Our balms contain the optimal ratio of substances and therefore are well absorbed, they create a pleasant filter on the skin. All of them can be used in various rehabilitation therapies, as well as in sports or as cosmetics and skin preparations. It works very well even in pains of joints, muscles, etc.

Did you know that ..?

Hints from us for you. A few words about our creams and how to apply them correctly.